We’ve been making crimped case packaging for over 50 years. We produce in excess of 1 billion crimped cases in our factory every year and pride ourselves in consistently manufacturing the highest quality British products. We supply some of the most high profile food producers and retailers to the smallest craft bakers. They value our high quality, design-led products and timely deliveries, our fast turnaround of samples and friendly customer service.


We are led by a young and forward thinking management team that is constantly in touch with our customers and the market. From our production operatives through to our customer service advisors, every individual at Doric Crimped is an expert in his or her area of work and is dedicated to providing a first class customer experience. Our culture of continuous improvement, innovation and learning permeates the entire organisation and means that we never stand still.


Doric Crimped is proud to be certified to BRC Global Stanadard for Packaging Materials, an international benchmark for food safety and legality in the retail supply chain that is recognised in over 100 countries. This highest level of certification reflects our commitment to the optimum standards of safety, hygiene, integrity and quality, allowing our customers to buy with confidence. It also positions us amongst the world’s most reputable food sector supply chain manufacturers.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Directors of Doric Crimped recognise that the Company has the potential to make an impact on its employees, customers, supply chain partners, the outside community and the environment. We lead by example. We are committed to conducting our business through values that promote professionalism, integrity, equality, respect, honesty and a safe working environment. We are also committed to minimising the impacts that our company has on the environment. We aim to act in a socially responsible manner at all times, ensuring that we consider our employees, customers, supply chain partners, the local community and the environment in all that we do. Furthermore we will consistently strive to be an exemplar of best practice in all of the areas in which we work.

Data Protection and GDPR

As we hold information about you and your Business we take our responsibilities extremely seriously. We have updated out Data Protection Policy to take into account the new General Data Protection Regulations which took effect in the UK from 25th May 2018.  If you have any questions relating to Data Protection we would be happy to answer these for you.

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